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Mid 2023

List of who is playing at the upcoming BRÅK concerts

Cath Roberts & Dee Byrne
Colin Webster & Mark Wastell
Tom Ward & Ntshuks Bonga

Cath Roberts & Isidora Edwards
Colin Webster & Dominic Lash
Tom Ward & Tina Hitchens

Cath Roberts & Phil Durrant
Colin Webster & Sue Lynch
Tom Ward & Sam Andreae

Early 2023

21st January
Cath Roberts + Khabat Abas
Tom Ward + Andrew Woodhead
Colin Webster + Roberto Sassi

18th February
Cath Roberts + Benedict Taylor Bill Thompson
Tom Ward + Rachel Musson
Colin Webster + Verity Lane

22nd April
Cath Roberts + Graham Dunning
Tom Ward + Panos Ghikas
Colin Webster + Robbie Judkins